Can we still eradicate extremism from Pakistan?

Can we still eradicate extremism from Pakistan? This question question is discussed among many secular circles in Pakistan. But nobody knows where to start from. Operation against the Talibans or negotiating with them is the solution? Some suggest that banning the Madaressas is the only solution, many say that one standard of education for everyone is the only hope we have. Some say that empowering the judiciary can help us, while others believe that a Military dictatorship is the real solution.

Well, I believe that all the solutions mentioned above have been tried and tested in Pakistan, but none of them has really helped us. The reason is that a Mullah is so powerful in Pakistan, both financially because they receive funds from abroad and ofcourse they have really mass appeal, they can easily motivate anyone to kill other person. How can we derail the power of Mullah in Pakistan? We have to develop a new constitution for the country, because the constitution of 1973 states that ‘Islam is the religion of state’. This clause empowers the Mullah, so we have to remove this from our constitution to cut down the power of Mullah.

This is the first step which we need to take, and then other positive measures will follow to eradicate extremism from Pakistan.


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