Success of a na…


Success of a nation

Attitude, behavior and punctuality determine the success of a nation, and religion and age of a country are irrelevant in this regard.


A good communic…


A good communication.

A good communication is based on your intentions. Your obvious basic desires to be seen, heard, and understood are basic intentions to communicate. Everything you do is based upon your intentions. The way you stand, the way you walk, the way you say certain words, your postures and gestures all carry intentions. The game is to not to shy away from the encountering elements that inevitably arise from your intentions. You have a “game of communication” when you become willing to be responsible for what you stand for, regardless of opposition, judgments, prejudice or circumstances.

The foolish wait.

It is a good news for the people of Pakistan that Talibans were targeted by airstrikes of Pakistan Air Force. Whole nation is standing by sides of the Pakistan Armed Forces backing our heroes to win this important war for the country. If Pakistan Armed Forces succeed which I know they would, then the whole World will owe to give an standing ovation to the forces and people of Pakistan because this was United States’ war which we are fighting.

However, one thing which is beyond my understanding is that why we had to wait to bomb these cannibals? If we might not have waited this long then may be there would not have been so many bomb blasts, Malala would still be in Pakistan and her school would not have been blown up, Chaudhry Aslam would still be alive, Aitezaz would still be alive, so many girls schools would not have been destroyed and so many people would not have been beheaded, Srilankan Cricket team would not have been attacked and Pakistan would still be hosting international cricket games, we would have had good relations with India because there would have been no Mumbai attacks, Imran Khan would still be a social worker and ex-cricketer only, and may be I would still be in Pakistan.

Anyway it is never too late and I hope now that they go back to negotiations and just focus on eradicating these zombies from my country. Pakistanis lets be strong as WE HAVE TO win this one.

Long Live Pakistan.

West wants to destroy our civilization?

Few days back I read a statement of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman that “Maghrib hamari tehzeeb ko tabah karna chahata hai”. I decided to find out that whether it is true or not. Lets go into a bit more detail to find out the answer. I sometimes think that there are 1.6 billions muslims in the world, rich in pertoleum and minerals, nuclear power as well, but still why muslims are so backward? West wants to destroy out civilization so what is our civilization actually? In west there is merit, we use sources instead of that, in west they invent, we only know how to destroy, in west there are scientists, we only have Saeen Log, in west there is purity, we cannot even find a pure milk, in west they are tidy, we are untidy, in west they are united, we kill each other, in west they have Havard, we have two rooms Darul Ulums which just prepare extremists, is this the civilization west wants to destroy, if that’s the case then I would also want them to destroy such a Tehzeeb.

In 1450, Germany invented printing press, but one Shaikh ul Islam in Turkey gave a Fatwa that it is Haraam to use it and hence for 250 years printing press was banned in Muslim world and those 250 years pushed us back so much that we could never recover from that. This is the same mentality which says that photography is Haraam, I then ask that you cannot even go for Haj and Umra without a photograph because for that you would need visa and for visa you would need a passport and for passport you would need a photograph. They are the same people who have problem with women wearing Jeans and so for such people I say that there is not problem with women’s jeans, there is actually problem with Mullahs’ genes.

Thank you!

Was Islam enough to bind us together?

It did not take too long when the dispute arose about the succession of Holy Prophet, even though all of them were muslims. We saw Umayyads fighting Hashimites, Umayyads fighting Abassids, Ottomon Empire being overthrown by Saudis, Ameer Temur beheading Ibrahim Lodhi, Aurangzeb killing his brothers to sit on the throne, even though all of them were muslims. After flipping through these pages of history, I often think that Pakistan was created constituting millions of people not sharing common language, ethnicity and culture, but they did share one common religious identity and that is they all were muslims. And so it was hoped that this common religious identity would seal the nation. Well after 24 years after the creation of Pakistan, we saw another independent country emerging on the world map named as Bangladesh. This proved that Islam alone was not enough to bind a nation together.

Then we tried the process of Islamization as well, declaring a particular sect ‘Ahmadis’ as non muslims, enforcing strict Islamic laws on the society. We created Talibans to help Americans defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan. Soon after this cold war, World ignored Afghanistan but there was a state of civil war in that country with tribes fighting among each other. Pakistani military failing to resolve the disputes among these tribesmen had to take a side of one of those, who today are known as Talibans. We thought that we can use them in defeating India in Kashmir, but who knew that we had a very different future for us.

After 9/11 Pakistan was given two options, either keep nurturing Talibans or help Americans in their War on Terror. This was the point when Pakistan had to take a U-turn, and this was the point when this terrorism in the country started, well we did not have any choice really, a country which is completely run by the Americans, what else would you expect? Well, that U-turn was the decision which price is still being paid as Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) emerged on the scene. They claim that they are the Holy Warriors and they want to impose strict Islamic Shariah in the country, they claim that they are killing people in retaliation of the war against them. Well the Shariah they talk about is actually a Tribal culture. Keeping this as an excuse they have taken thousands of Pakistani lives up till now. Now I see negotiations being proposed to bring the peace in the country, I hope the peace happens but I am not too sure that negotiations will succeed, anyways Pakistanis just want peace no matter how it comes.

Well this is a long story and to cut it short, I do not think that Islam alone was enough to bind Pakistanis together as Islam itself has so many versions that which version will you impose on a country consisting so many people speaking different languages, sharing different cultures and ethnicities and belonging to different religions and different sects of Islam?