Choose a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

In my country, a career has been chosen for the kids even before they are born. We often hear opinions like “If a son will be born then he will be an engineer and if a daughter will be born then she will be a doctor”. Well this is not completely wrong, parents think and decide with their intensive experience. Many also don’t agree with the title as my mentor says that this is just a Fantasy that choose a career which you love, he suggests otherwise. He thinks that a career should be chosen for monetary benefits only. 

I agree that money does play a big role in anyone’s life, if you don’t have money you cannot even be religious. But still do we really have to earn too much money at the expense of our frustration level increasing infinitely?

I have seen and known people who have earned a lot through their careers and this was not what they always wanted to do, and the grow older, they come across consistent companions like diabetes, blood pressures, cardiac problems and they end up spending their ‘TOO MUCH” money on to their treatments lol. Sorry no offense but this seems quite funny to me that you spend your life doing something which don’t like and you earn a lot of money and then you end up spending it in paying doctor, medicine and hospital bills.

I think that these situations can be improved if we do things in a planned manner. First of all, a child should choose which he loves, but for this schools need to play a role. We often respond in interviews that we always wanted to be this since our childhood, I am sorry to say but this is again a very big lie, because a child keeps discovering himself till he realizes that which area he enjoys the most. Like when I was a kid I always aspired to be a Cricketer but I ended up being a Marketer, see miles apart. So career counselling at school level is very important so that a student can realize that which is the area which he enjoys the most.

Once this is done, then there is a need to focus and persistence to achieve your goal.I always recommend that you set an ultimate goal that what you want to be in life, and then you keep on defining your sub-goals to achieve the final one. Thirdly, Money is very important and it needs to be this way that our career earns us enough to live easily, but the amount of money we need depends upon our expenses so if we can plan about them then we can plan about money and career as well.


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