West wants to destroy our civilization?

Few days back I read a statement of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman that “Maghrib hamari tehzeeb ko tabah karna chahata hai”. I decided to find out that whether it is true or not. Lets go into a bit more detail to find out the answer. I sometimes think that there are 1.6 billions muslims in the world, rich in pertoleum and minerals, nuclear power as well, but still why muslims are so backward? West wants to destroy out civilization so what is our civilization actually? In west there is merit, we use sources instead of that, in west they invent, we only know how to destroy, in west there are scientists, we only have Saeen Log, in west there is purity, we cannot even find a pure milk, in west they are tidy, we are untidy, in west they are united, we kill each other, in west they have Havard, we have two rooms Darul Ulums which just prepare extremists, is this the civilization west wants to destroy, if that’s the case then I would also want them to destroy such a Tehzeeb.

In 1450, Germany invented printing press, but one Shaikh ul Islam in Turkey gave a Fatwa that it is Haraam to use it and hence for 250 years printing press was banned in Muslim world and those 250 years pushed us back so much that we could never recover from that. This is the same mentality which says that photography is Haraam, I then ask that you cannot even go for Haj and Umra without a photograph because for that you would need visa and for visa you would need a passport and for passport you would need a photograph. They are the same people who have problem with women wearing Jeans and so for such people I say that there is not problem with women’s jeans, there is actually problem with Mullahs’ genes.

Thank you!


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