The foolish wait.

It is a good news for the people of Pakistan that Talibans were targeted by airstrikes of Pakistan Air Force. Whole nation is standing by sides of the Pakistan Armed Forces backing our heroes to win this important war for the country. If Pakistan Armed Forces succeed which I know they would, then the whole World will owe to give an standing ovation to the forces and people of Pakistan because this was United States’ war which we are fighting.

However, one thing which is beyond my understanding is that why we had to wait to bomb these cannibals? If we might not have waited this long then may be there would not have been so many bomb blasts, Malala would still be in Pakistan and her school would not have been blown up, Chaudhry Aslam would still be alive, Aitezaz would still be alive, so many girls schools would not have been destroyed and so many people would not have been beheaded, Srilankan Cricket team would not have been attacked and Pakistan would still be hosting international cricket games, we would have had good relations with India because there would have been no Mumbai attacks, Imran Khan would still be a social worker and ex-cricketer only, and may be I would still be in Pakistan.

Anyway it is never too late and I hope now that they go back to negotiations and just focus on eradicating these zombies from my country. Pakistanis lets be strong as WE HAVE TO win this one.

Long Live Pakistan.


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