Musharraf Sahab…


Musharraf Sahab 2

Whoever is never been declared an infidel or a traitor has not done anything big in his life. Musharraf Sahab has been accused in the treason case. You violated article 6 of the constitution that’s such a big issue, but Article 61 and 62 of the constitution say that each MNA and MPA should be Sadiq and Ameen, this is so funny because these two articles have been violated since 66 years but guess what that’s not an issue, Sir you demolished Lal Masjid as it was nurturing terrorists and so it is such a big issue, but when Schools, Churches and Hindu temples are been blown up that is not an issue at all instead we should do the negotiations with them, Rest in Peace the Judicial System of Pakistan!


Polio Catastrop…


Polio Catastrophe

Congratulations to Indians for completely eradicating Polio from their country as declared by WHO, hats off to them. Sadly some of the nut cases in my country are busy in eradicating Polio Workers.



Everything which goes wrong is a conspiracy against Muslims, ok for a moment let’s believe in this, so then I think that to do a conspiracy you need brains and so that means muslims are mentally duffer and those who are doing this conspiracy are smarter than us.



If you take out Islam from Turks then they are Turks, if you take out Islam from Egyptians then they are Egyptians, if you take out Islam from Arabs then they are Arabs, if you take out Islam from Persians then they are Persians, and if you take out Islam from Pakistanis then we are Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pathan.

Muslims of Subcontinent

The successive waves of Muslim armies penetrating into India followed much the same pattern. Leaders such as Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad Tughluq expanded Muslim political domains without altering the religious or social fabric of Indian society.

Because pre-Islamic India was entirely based on a caste system in which society was broken into separate parts, conversion to Islam happened in a step-by-step process. Often, entire castes would convert to Islam at a time. This would happen for many different reasons. Often, however, the equality Islam provided was more attractive than the caste system’s organized racism. In the caste system, who you are born to determines your position in society. There was no opportunity for social mobility or to achieve greater than what your parents achieved. By converting to Islam, people had the opportunity to move up in society, and no longer were subservient to the Brahman caste.

Buddhism, which was once very popular in the subcontinent, slowly died out under Muslim rule. Traditionally, when people wanted to escape the caste system, they would move to the major population centers and convert to Buddhism. When Islam became an option, however, people began to convert to Islam instead of Buddhism, while still leaving the caste system. The myths of Islam violently destroying Buddhism in India are simply false. Buddhists were tolerated under Muslim rule and no evidence exists that shows forced conversions or violence against them.

Wandering teachers also had a major role in bringing Islam to the masses. Muslim scholars traveled throughout India, making it their goal to educate people about Islam. Many of them preached Sufi ideas, a more mystical approach to Islam that appealed to the people. These teachers had a major role in bringing Islam to the masses in the countryside, not just the upper classes around the Muslim rulers.

Now I often think that when most of the people belonging to lower classes of the society converted into Islam then what else can be expected from them except being Mureed of Saeen, Chaudhry and Maulvi? When I think that then I am able to understand why there is feudalism and extremism in my country.