RIP Sarmad Tari…


RIP Sarmad Tariq

Once you are born, the only thing you can be certain of getting is death. Nothing else is certain. Not even life; no one is born with a life, and some die without ever getting one. ~ Sarmad Tariq





Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.

Pakistan Cricke…


Pakistan Cricket

I am Afridi. I am Imran. I am Wasim. I am Waqar. I am the final at Melbourne. I am the final at Lord’s. I am the last ball at Sharjah. I am the inventor of doosra. I am the inventor of reverse swing. I am the King of Swing. I am the nightmare between wickets. I am the 100 miles/hr Rawalpindi Express. I am Boom Boom. I am the unpredict…able. I am the 175 million hearts beating for one prayer.

American Taliba…


American Talibans

Remember when Reagan met with the Taliban to plan how to help them out? One of those Cold War facts they tend to leave out of history class.

“These gentlemen (Talibans) are the moral equivalents of America’s founding fathers.” ~ Ronald Reagan. 1985

“Terrorists (Talibans) have declared war on [America].” ~ Goerge Bush. 2001

Barack Obama considers sending shoulder-fired missiles to Syrian rebels (Talibans once again). 2014


We deal with “denialists” in Pakistan everyday, who deny each and everything, no matter if you produce overwhelming evidence they would dub it conspiracy or insufficient.

What’s interesting actually is that denial is psychologically one of the human defense mechanisms from “anxiety”. When the opposition has no rationale and an overwhelming evidence is there, the easiest way to ward off anxiety is DENIAL and that is what it does.