Politicians and Religious Scholars

Politicians and Religious Scholars are the most important elements of grooming any society. Politicians take the country forward both economically and technologically, and so it is very important for them to be honest, truthful and committed to the country, but unfortunately in our country, politicians are the most dishonest, corrupt and the biggest liars you can ever find.

Religious Scholars play a very important role in the society by grooming them spiritually and morally, and they need to be intellectually very powerful, they need to synchronize with an era in which they exist as Quran says that “A momin is recognized by his synchronization with the era in which he exists”. Unfortunately in our society, people who are not very intellectually strong, and in most of the cases they are the underprivileged ones of the society become the religious scholars, and so they just memorize the stuff, and since they are not intellectually strong people so they simply cannot synchronized with the world, and hence they end up misguiding their followers trying to take them 1400 years back. Secondly, it is not allowed in Islam to earn from religion because the profession Holy Prophet (PBUH) had was that he was a trader. Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Usman were all the traders by profession and Hazrat Ali was a well digger by profession. So when they never earned through religion, so who the hell are these religious scholars to charge for their so called services to Islam?

The greatest ever Politician and the Religious Scholar was our Holy Prophet (PBUH), so if you want to judge our politicians and religious scholars so judge them against the standards set up by the Last Messenger of God.


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