Maulvi or a Sales Rep?

Maulvi sahab, we all are acquainted with this person. What is basically a Maulvi, or should I say how a Maulvi should be like? A Maulvi is someone who possess ‘ilm” or knowledge, ilm is basically understanding God and His message. Ideally a Maulvi should be delivering God’s message in such a manner that his followers become God loving rather than God fearing.

In contrast, our Maulvi treats religion as a commodity, his aim is to tell people that if they won’t do such and such thing then they will be in disaster, as a result we spend too much on giving “chanda” to Masjid. However, ideally and logically it should be opposite, a Maulvi should aim to make his followers God loving so that when a person prays he prays with full concentration and not out of fear.

Another reason I think that a Maulvi is a Sales Rep because he sell “fatwas”. We often hear fatwas about infidelity of someone, wearing jeans is haraam, taking photographs is haraam, loud speaker is haraam. I want to ask that can you go for Hajj or Umrah without a photograph? One fatwa took the status of Super Power from Muslims. Printing press was invented in Europe in 1450, but a Shaikh-ul-Islam in Turkey issued a fatwa that using printing press is Haraam, and so for 250 years, printing press was banned in Muslim world, since then we never managed to bounce back.

I have a simple argument, was this religion introduced for the welfare of the people or not? Was it supposed to make us God loving or God fearing? Islam is the complete way of life, and when one follows it after complete submission to God’s will, then there is absolutely no chance that he cannot be successful in this world and in the life hereafter, then why are Muslims struggling today?


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