If you are smart enough, you would understand this article.

When Holy Prophet (SAW) migrated to Madinah, so it was there that the unity of brotherhood among the Muslims was introduced. There were two major tribes in Madinah: the immigrants (Muhajireen) and the indigenous (Ansar). The Ansar were divided into two groups: Aws and Khazraj – tribes who had been fighting each other over 100 years. Under a common purpose of Islam, the Prophet (SAW) appeased the animosity that existed amongst the two tribes by establishing brotherhood between them. “Now you have become brothers in faith, by pairs”, the Prophet (SAW) said to his followers (ref Seerat ibn Hisham, v.1, p.123). By this method, the Prophet (SAW) insured the ploticial and spiritual nature of his nation.

The Prophet (SAW) made the institution of matrimony easier as well. The gift of marriage (mahr), which the man is to give to his bride was made moderate, AND INTER-MARRIAGES WITH OTHER TRIBES BECAME MORE ACCESSIBLE as socio-economic or ancestral descent was no longer a major factor in marriage. The establishment of marriage became a form of uniting, securing, and promoting Islam within various tribes and nations. Marriage not only symbolized the religious union of a man and a woman, but also, indirectly influenced and affected social and political ties. 

So what we Muslims need to do today? If you can figure out what I am trying to say, then most of the issues of today’s muslim world can be anatomized. THINK!!!


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