I have never been a big fan of Nawaz Sharif, but now I really commend you Sir for announcing this operation against the terrorists. I know there will be people in our country who would talk against this operation, who would criticize your this decision, who would act as apologists of Talibans, but do not care about them please, what you are doing is extremely important for this country, I wish and pray that this would bring peace in Pakistan and I can assure you Sir that you would be remembered in golden words by every patriotic Pakistani. I never thought that I would ever say this that PM Nawaz Sharif I adore you today.

Now about my armed forces, I know that you have been criticized a lot for you military coups, I some what agree to that as well, but still you guys are the pride of Pakistan, there have never been a day when I have not loved and respected you all. We assure you that we are standing behind you, the whole nation stands behind you, and I must say that we are doing this not only for Pakistan, but we are doing this for the entire World, as Pakistan has paid the highest price in this War on Terror, and so the entire World owes us, and God Willing after the success of this operation, the World will bow down to us. 

Pakistan Zindabad, Pak Army Zindabad!


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