Progressive Pakistan to be Victorious.

I know that I have been putting down all the various things that are wrong in Pakistan. And why should we criticise that which is wrong. But there also comes a time to talk about the positives that fill us with hope and energy.

After the last attack by the TTP on Karachi airport, it seems that the youth of Pakistan has not only swung against the Taliban in a huge way. But even more importantly, they are no longer afraid of the threats of the Taliban.

When Shahid-ullah Shahid made a recent statement saying that Pakistan will burn, I saw in personal conversations, on social media and in so many other places that nobody, and I mean, NOBODY is intimidated by their threats anymore. Quite the contrary, the people have begun responding to these threats with a rage and anger that I have never seen.

It seems the sense of confidence and purpose has been steeled. There is no longer any doubt that the TTP is our enemy and it must be fought and defeated. Everyone knows that this will not be an easy task. But people are finally convinced that Pakistan cannot progress unless it is rid of the evil of extremism and terrorism.

The people are more important than any military operation. The people are more than any government policy. The people are more important than any intelligence operation. It is the people who hold the key to the final victory against religious extremism. A people united can never be defeated. And I see the people of Pakistan uniting more and more firmly against this evil.

Let us love our people, honour and cherish their spirit of resistance. Let us have confidence in the people. This new people’s rage and energy that is developing against the Taliban was always the missing factor in the fight to defeat these forces of darkness and reaction. Now that this new energy is flowing and developing as a torrent, I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know that progressive Pakistan will be victorious.

Onwards to victory.
Onwards to a progressive Pakistan.


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