What? Nawaz Sharif in Tajikistan while country is in a state of war.

Apparently Pakistan is controlled and managed by military forces now as it was strange that PM along with the Defense Minister went to Tajikistan while country is in a state of war. The details of the operation are being communicated by ISPR instead of Information Ministry. It looks like that the dirty game has begun, it seems like that an important political personality might lose his life. 

Where in World have you seen that the country is in a state of war and the head of state leaves the country? Are we about to hear another speech which starts with “Meray Azeez Ham-Watano”? Perhaps time will tell what happens in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Good news is that according to ISPR operation is progressing according to the plan. We need to stand by the sides of our soldiers in these times of despair. 

No one can be against democracy if it is a proper democracy. When you claim to be an elected government then it is your constitutional responsibility to manage and govern the country. Right now it does not seem to be the case. Once again armed forces are doing what needed to be done by the civilian government. The kind of government we have, if Britain had such kind of government then there is no doubt that a Martial Law would have been imposed there.

As far as operation is concerned then it is only a partial solution of the problem. We would need to introduce Madaressa Reforms to make sure that hate materials and speeches are not promoted. We would need to educate the uneducated, we would need to change the mind sets, we still need to do a much more to completely eradicate the terrorism from the roots of the country.


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