Men are also humans.

I am not anti-woman or someone who treats women as an entity. I respect all the women and acknowledge their rights. But sometimes I feel that even though our society has come a long way in recognizing the rights of women, and to be honest it was a fair thing to do, but may be we just neglected what are the rights of men.

When we are born, we are always told that if we won’t study hard or compete then we cannot have a respectable life. We just start running in that race until we get really old and we don’t have much time left. Our society functions in a way that if we have sisters, then they are the ones who can be sentimental and emotional because one day they will be married, and to be honest there is nothing wrong in that, like any other man I loved my sister always. But when a man wants to cry then he cannot because society would say that you cannot cry because you are a man. When he gets emotional then his friends would make fun of him.

When a man grows up, he starts running in the race of earning well, buying his own house, getting his own car, establishing his own career, because if he won’t do that then he cannot get married. If he loves someone, then he cannot get her easily because we get to hear that what will the society say. When he gets married, then he becomes a sandwich, because if he listens to his parents then he is a Mummy Daddy, and if he listens to his wife, then he is a disobedient son. Then he becomes a father and then he just forgets about himself.

That is how the life continues till he gets really old and very weak, and he is just waiting for his death. I think a man keeps waiting his entire life for someone who can look into his heart and find out what makes him happy, he does not get this from his parents, his siblings, his friends, his kids and not even from his wife. Sometimes all you need is a person who understands you, who knows you, who listens to you, who can lend a shoulder to you and who can hug you. I don’t agree with this pattern of life, lets look at our own lives once and see that whether we are living a life or the life is just living us.


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