Did you know?

In January 1948, Indian political leader Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, After this incident, intelligence agencies of Pakistan got the information about possibility of a similar attack on Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder and first governor general of Pakistan, After getting the information, the staff of Muhammad Ali Jinnah took all possible steps for his security and in doing so, they changed one of his bodyguards who was a Non Muslim. That guard was a Parsi, when Jinnah got to know about it, he was upset and very disappointed on the decision, He then said, “In Pakistan, whether one is Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh or Parsi, he is a Pakistani, and i have NO threat or danger from any Pakistani, therefore, i am strictly ordering, nobody would change the duty of that guard”

Jinnah always stated that everyone on this side of a border is Pakistani and holds all those rights that a Muslim of this region holds.


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