Pakistan is facing too many problems, how can we celebrate Independence day?

You might hear these lines almost every year on Independence day. Though it is true that Suicide bombing, terrorism, poverty, corruption, target killing is massive in our society. But lets look at it this way. Ask yourself! You are not the one who cheered when a mob was burning houses in Gujranwala, You don’t kill people everyday in Karachi. You don’t bomb Hazaras, you don’t bomb Mosques and Shrines. You actually condemn the elements who do that. You are not the one who discriminates religious minorities. You don’t force anyone to adopt your way of living and your faith but believe in equal status for everyone. You are one of those million Pakistanis who are doing whatever they can with all the available resources for the betterment of this society.

Every country faces problem, our country is probably facing a little more than others, that is why we can’t turn blind eye towards the problems we are facing. We must curb the problems our country is facing today, but if we stopped living and stopped cheering even those rare happy moments we witness in our country and more importantly, If we became, depressed & hopeless, then, those destroying Pakistan are going to win.

Lets hope and pray that may we return to the path of peace and progress. May we stop debating over the Quaid’s speeches and realize ourselves what our goals should be. May we recognize what our problems are so that we can think of short term and long term solutions. May every child get food, water and education. May every child under 5 years get polio drops. May every Pakistani woman get respect. May every talented youth get access to a job. May we be proud of our green passport.

May God bless Pakistan. Jiyo Pakistan! Jeevay Pakistan! Pakistan Zindabad!


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