Hur ibn Yazid al Riyahi

O Hur, May your mother weep for you – Hussain.

Hur ibn Yazid al Riyahi was the general of the Ummayad army dispatched from Kufa, Iraq to intercept Imam Hussain. Hur was ordered along with his 1,000 soldiers to bring Imam Hussain and his followers to Kufa. Initially responsible for holding Imam Hussain and his followers captive, Hur died fighting on Hussain’s behalf.

Hur’s short but provocative mark on history spans less than one week’s time, but is embedded with complex details and fatal turns of events that led to the death of Imam Hussain during the Battle of Karbala.

As the events unfolded, one of the companion of Hur asked:

“Whats wrong with you Hur? I am puzzled by your case, by God if I were asked about the bravest man in our army I wouldn’t hesitate to mention your name, and now you are so disturbed and worried?”

“I find myself between the Hell and the Heaven, and I have to select between them, and by God I will not choose but Heaven, even if I were cut to pieces or burnt to ashes!”

Once decided, He slowly approaches the camp of Hussain, and as he gets closer he hangs his boots from his neck, and keeps his armor down (as a sign of remorse)

“I am the one who closed your path O Hussain! Is there a repentance for me?”

Hussain embraced Hur and welcomed him to his army. Hur was the first one who went into the field against the enemy and charged bravely and laid down his life, after killing more than 40 enemies. Imam Hussain rushed to find him with big cut on the head. Hur asked Imam, “Did I do well and are you satisfied?” And the Imam replied: “Your mother made the right choice by naming you Hurr (The Freeman), you are free in this life and the beyond”. The holy Imam tied Hur’s head with the cloth of her mother, Hazrath Fatimah. He was among the lucky ones who laid their lives on the lap of Imam Hussain.


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