Double Standards in Pakistan

– When Asia Bibi is been in prison from last 5 years and cannot be given mercy to the Blasphemous remarks “Allegations” and must die as said by court,

– When Junaid Hafez a young professor of BZ Uni returned from Unites States to serve his country, is been in prison waiting for a “Death Sentence” for blasphemous “Allegations” for more then one year,

– When the a gem like Rashid Rehman, the lawyer of Junaid Hafiz is been KILLED just because he has taken and proceeded the case of Junaid.

– When Governor Punjab Salman Taseer been assassinated with 22 bullets and the Killer became the biggest Aashiq e Rasool in the country just because the victim has condemned a Law being misused and wanted to make some reforms.

– When an Ahmadi old man was shot dead in Jail when he was facing a trial of Blasphemy Allegations,

– When 2 Ahmadi young girls aged less then 10 and a 55 years old lady was burnt to death because “someone” in their street was “accused” of making a “Blasphemous remark” on Facebook post (which obviously was never seen by anyone),

– When a Christian couple (including a child yet to born) was thrown to death into a burning Kiln on an “Allegation” of Blasphemy once again,

– When a Shia man was AXED to death by a Policeman as he saw a “Dream” in which The Prophet PBUH himself urged him to Kill that “blasphemous” man !

– When every other day Shia families are targeted in Hazara Quetta ہزارہ کوئٹہ and all over Pakistan for same reason,


Why NOT Mullah Junaid Jamshaid is NOT been arrested for his idiot and blasphemous remarks for The Holy Prophet PBUH and His Holy wives? Why Molana Tariq Jameel is now giving special statements and asking him to ask “Forgiveness” to ALLAH? Same is the case with Aamir Liaqat, Molvi Abdul Aziz, Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi, they have NOT yet been Trialed/Investigated/Arrested/Burnt/Killed in the same manner. WHY?

Is the Forgiveness of Allah is only for the scums like these ? All those people who were killed and persecuted at the name of Blasphemy were not “Eligible” to that criteria of FORGIVENESS? Were they been similarly asked to seek forgiveness by any Mulana?

Why Asia bibi or Junaid Hafiz who are yet waiting for their Death Sentence can’t been asked to seek forgiveness?

Where is Your Blasphemy Law NOW, Why the sentiments of anyone has been hurt by the rouge statements of these people ?

Is it only to Persecute the weaker ?


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