Munwar Hassan says polio eradication is a western ploy to eradicate Pakistan

Mansura: According to former Amir of the Jamat-i-Islami (JI), Munawar Hassan, the polio eradication program in Pakistan was a diabolic ploy of western governments to eradicate Pakistan.

He was talking at a local hotel in Mansura to a group of men and women who had been attacked by extremists for trying to administer polio drops to children.

He told the gathering that the attack on them was understandable because the polio drops that they were trying to administer had chemicals that impede the physical growth of Pakistani children.

 Mr. Hassan shows the healthy effects of Ovaltine on him.
Mr. Hassan shows the healthy effects of Ovaltine on him.

‘But you all are innocent,’ he added. ‘You didn’t know what the government and the NGOs were giving you. But the NGOs knew what the Americans, the British, the Russians and the Fijians were giving to them to give to our children. So now that you know, I’d suggest you all mix the polio drops that you have with some Ovaltine so when the children take it they can then grow up to become strong, muscular, handsome and brilliant … like me, for example.’

The audience was left shocked and complained that many of them had been attacked. Why, some asked, was Mr. Hassan talking to them like this and what proof did he have of what he was claiming.

 Mr Hassan hailed the days when children were given Ovaltine instead of polio drops.
Mr Hassan hailed the days when children were given Ovaltine instead of polio drops.

The commotion left Mr. Hassan feeling agitated and angry and he threatened to leave the gathering. ‘But that’s what we want!’ someone shouted.

‘In that case,’ said Hassan, ‘I won’t!’ Then he began to speak again: ‘When I was your age, we were only given Ovaltine. Pakistani children grew up strong, brave, muscular and brilliant. We were ready to make Pakistan the epicenter of faith from which our rule would mushroom and spread all over the world. But polio drops sabotaged our destiny. It made our children weak!’

When told by a lady in the audience that polio crippled children, Hassan responded by saying, ‘no, lack of Ovaltine did that!’

The lady replied that Ovaltine was a Western brand. ‘Nonsense!’ shouted Hassan. ‘It’s a North-Western brand that is technically not Western in essence.’

By now much of the audience had left the hall and media reports suggest that JI’s current Amir, Sirajul Haq, asked his party men to come up with a solution to keep Hassan in a quiet state of retirement.

But Mr. Hassan refused to comply until he got an email from Siraj. Mr. Hassan then suddenly left the hall and promised to keep quiet.

Some media personnel managed to get hold of the email that suddenly made Mr. Hassan wrap-up his speech and go home. The email read: ‘Dear brother, please comply, otherwise no Ovaltine for you.’


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