Go Get Them NOW!

When I woke up this morning, I discovered what had happened in Peshawer earlier today, it left me traumatized and in a state of utter disbelief. I cried like a baby. I could not contain my tears even in public. Even at this moment, I am unable to control myself.

For those who are not from Pakistan, let me tell you what happened this afternoon in the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province; Peshawer. Armed militants belonging to the terrorist group TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) stormed an Army school and killed 140+ people, 132 of which happened to be children. They killed them in cold blood. They chased 6-16 year olds and gunned them down. The events have left the nation of Pakistan in a state of horror, disbelief and paralysis. The Army conducted an operation and eliminated all terrorists who took part in this ghastly and unspeakable crime. Alas, it came at an irrecoverable cost. Lives were lost, families were broken,hearts were bled and the children, who survived the attack, were imprinted with a lifelong trauma, the effects of which cannot be quantified or understood.

I am writing this to let my emotions out because I honestly don’t know what to do at this moment. This will not bring the children back.This will not soothe the pain of their loved ones. This will not bring any justice to the young souls who have departed this unfair world. This is not an  attempt to understand what happened or why it happened. This is not an attempt to point fingers at politicians and Army and terrorists and people. This is just an outpour of what I feel right now; an attempt to put into words what cannot be.

I will start by addressing my fellow countrymen. If ever there was a need to come together as a nation, it is now. I have a small request to make to all of you. Let us not disrespect the departed by playing the blame game amongst politicians, Armed forces, political parties we hate, political parties we support and our opinions on who is entitled to an opinion on national matters and who is not. Let us rise above that at least for today.The gravity of what took place today may forever resonate the 796,096 sq km of land that we call Pakistan. Let each and every one of us unite against our common enemy; the scum that has come to plague our nation; the Taliban. Pointing our fingers at the historical fuckups that our country committed and guffawing at those who support this party or that, will unfortunately not do much to solve the problem. It is a never ending cycle that has not been resolved to date, atleast in my conscious memory. Perhaps we need to change the way we have approached this problem. I don’t have a solution and I am not claiming to be a messiah, but I do have a feeling that coming together as a single entity will probably be the first step towards ridding us of the plague we have come to know as Taliban.

To the terrorists who stormed the gates of that unfortunate school today; may you rot in the deepest pits of Hell. Words fail to do justice to the anger, hatred and sheer disgust I feel towards you. You, who are grown bearded men, who claim to be the purveyors of Islam, who chase the idea of landing a plot of land in Heaven, sadly are not even Muslims. I can say that with absolute certainty because my religion does not teach any of the acts that you commit. I will not elaborate on my judgement here any further. The reader can research on Islam and find out what it is about. There is no religion in the world that teaches hatred and orders its followers to kill children. And this is not a question of religion. This is a question of humanity, of sanity, of life, of nature, of all things we make and all things we destroy. You, the terrorists who breached this unspoken pact today, have committed an act so shameful and so disgusting in its very nature that it fills me with deep anger towards your kind. It makes me lose myself in a whirlwind of emotional turmoil.It sends a shiver up my spine and I start shaking in anger and frustration. I can think of no other way than to use the maximum possible force to wipe off each and every one of you not just from the Motherland, but from the world. Because what you did today is not just an attack on a nation. You have shaken the very beliefs of the human society, where such barbaric things could not have been imagined had you not shown us what you are capable of earlier today.

I wish I had a gun in my hand. I wish I could line up all of you. I would probably not shoot you down with precision head-shots like the SSG personnel did. No. That is too comfortable a way to die for a crime like this.I would’ve taken my time with you, slowly and painfully. What kind of a human barges into a peaceful place like a school with the intention of murdering innocent souls in cold blood? What kind of a human being does that? HAVE YOU NO HEART? HAVE YOU NO SOUL? WHAT HARM DID THOSE CHILDREN DO TO YOU? YOU FUCKING COWARDS. YOU FUCKING COWARDS. WHAT WENT THROUGH YOUR MIND WHEN YOU PULLED THE TRIGGER? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU CHASED DOWN THOSE INNOCENT SOULS WHO WERE TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM YOU? YOU CHASED THEM DOWN. YOU FUCKING CHASED THEM DOWN. YOU FUCKING SHOT THEM. YOU FUCKING SHOT THEM DEAD. One hundred and thirty four little souls. My God. My God; the horror of it. Your shameful and cowardly act has left a nation paralysed and dejected. You have called upon yourself the wrath of 200 million people. You cut off all those little rose buds before they could blossom, full of promise and potential, who alas will only be remembered in graveyards or news reports or in the thoughts of all those who come to know about this. Those little rose buds will now only feed on tears, never to become what they could have. And all of this because of you.

I feel helpless, sad, angry and frustrated. This is a new low in the whole Taliban-led destruction that has plagued the Motherland for 2 decades. This has shaken the collective belief of this nation in humanity. It is not just the Army against the Taliban now. It is time that we, as countrymen,step in this matter. Let us support the destruction of this menace in whatever capacity we can, be it collective, individual, social, financial, emotional or otherwise.

Let us all come together so that no more children have to go through this. You don’t have to be a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt or a cousin to feel the pain this loss has brought every one. You don’t have to be Muslim or Pakistani or Urdu speaking or Punjabi or Pathan to understand the sheer trauma that this has brought the nation of Pakistan. You just have to be human. You just need a heart and a little emotion. That’s all.

To the parents who lost their children today, I am sorry for what happened. I cannot find the courage to face you. I cannot bring myself to look into your eyes. I am sorry. I am just so very sorry.

To everyone else, I beg of you to come together as one. The enemy must be eliminated at all cost now. There is no going back. There is no middle ground or room for negotiation any more. There is no more margin of error. I read today on the internet that ‘the smallest coffins are the heaviest’.134 innocent lives is a gigantic emotional burden that we will have to live with.

The only way forward is to eradicate this disease.



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